Friday, February 20, 2009


I often wonder what it about rocks that children find so amusing. When my son was younger, he would pick up every rock he came across, called it pretty, then he'd hand it to me as a gift. It was a token of his love and appreciation for me. I thought it was a boy thing, but years later when my daughter began to do the same, I began to wonder.

Rocks, we walk on them, run on them, travel on them, and even climb them, yet a child, despite the rest of the beauty that Mother Nature provides, is captivated by the essence of a rock!

On a river shore my daughter can spend countless hours picking out her favorites and regardless of the similarities, she only focuses on the differences. I find so much pleasure in watching both my children compete against one another to find the prettiest, most unique rock in a pool of what seems like millions. My heart wells up with tears knowing that it will eventually be given to me! What a wonderful feeling that is.

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